A to Z - All About Me (F)

The Chicarelli's: My paternal grandfather is in the second row,
little boy far right...with the Fonzy hair.
F is for Family.

And boy do I come from a big one.

On my father's side (Italian) there were my grandparents (I think my grandfather was 1 of 11), they had four children (my father was the 2nd boy and last child), there are nine grandchildren (plus five spouses), seven great-grandchildren and I believe three great-great-grandchildren.

Then on my mother's side (German/English) there were my grandparents, four children (my mother the 2nd child and oldest girl), fourteen grandchildren (plus six spouses), and eleven great-grandchildren (well 12 if you count the one that's on it's way).

So all together I have NINETEEN COUSINS!!

You ever see My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Yea that's our family. Haha. I once wrote about them this way:

The Lords: I believe they are on my maternal grandmother's
side. I have to be honest this early I can't remember. 
"However, sometimes this is easier said than done when you have a family/friends that resembles the Portocalis family from My Big Fat Greek Wedding - loud, invasive but full of love (and I am referring to the German/English side just as much as the Italian). Everyone has an opinion and everyone feels like it is their god-given-right to express that in volumes. "

I love them. They are my family. And I wouldn't have them any other way.


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