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G is for Gastronaut
Never again will I do smoked razor clams.

Okay, so maybe I'm not an official member of the "Gastronaut Club" but trying to be adventurous with food is something I enjoy doing. I'm (usually) up for trying something new...even if that means just taking a bite off your plate. Haha. 

I'm not sure when or how this developed. I don't really have an immediate family who also is a little daring in the "Sure I'll try a bite" department. But over the past few years I've just gotten more willing to try new things (although I will tell you know I'm not sure I'm going to be eating grubs anytime soon - thank you Andrew Zimmern)

Variety of sushi and sashimi
Recently when the BF came to Portland for a visit, we went to sushi for lunch. Now I'm a fan of sushi (something that developed over the years) and not just of white-people cucumber and California Rolls. Eel (either unagi or anago) have to be had when I sit down to a sushi bar. However, the BF I would say is a bigger "Gastronaut" than I am. He's tried stinky tofu, he'll eat tripe, and his favorite sushi-order is Uni (Sea Urchin - which I just can't do. The texture and taste are just too much for me to stomach). But when we went to lunch I had him order. 

I ended up trying raw scallop (plain and spicy), halibut, raw squid, and a number of other "new" pieces. I think on our plate of nine varieties I'd only ever had two (unagi and uni). 

Whenever I get a chance I'll try something new. 
Cheesy Grits for Breakfast

In Jacksonville recently it was grits. 

A few weeks back I bought a dragonfruit for the heck of it. 

I've tried durian, pigs ears, sauted baby octopus, and smoked razor clams all "just because". 

So if anyone has any foodie recommendations, let me know. 


  1. oooh that we have in commong. tried sushi a few years ago and every summer, we'll usually over visit the sushi bars.



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