A to Z - All About Me (H & I)

I know. I missed yesterday. I'm sure everyone is just heartbroken. ;)

Actually I just had such an exhausting weekend (spring cleaning time) that yesterday at work I was just pooped. But today I'll do H and I to catch up.

H is for Halloween

Believe it or not - only the candle holder isn't up all year long.
My FAVORITE holiday! I think it always has been. In my family we usually decorate the house for Halloween on October 1st (which is my mother's birthday) and keep it up through (at least) November 1st.

There is just something about the crisp Autumn night, dressing up in costumes, decorating the house with spiders and skeletons. What is not to like about this holiday? 

Although I must admit I do come from a family who tends to lean towards the macabre. But that's what I love about them.

I is for Interracial Relationship

If you've been following me here (or over at Surviving 20-Something) it's no secret that I'm in an interracial relationship with a man who is biracial. This isn't the first time I've blogged about it (check out here, here and here). 

However, I have to admit I don't ever really think about our relationship in those "terms". Yes, the BF is Chinese/Greek (although identifies more with his Chinese side) and I'm an English/Italian...big whoop. We are just two people who found one another and fell in love.

Occasionally though...depending on what projects I'm doing at work (currently helping prepare for a program on TCKs) or something happening in my life personally it does come to mind. But what ultimately comes to the forefront is "How" and "Why" do people care so much about what two people's heritages are, whether they "look alike" or not and how they identify? 

Love shouldn't have a face. Love shouldn't have a skin color or racial background.

And yet, sadly, despite how "advanced" our civilization thinks we are we still have research showing this:

As someone in an interracial relationship and may someday have biracial children. I can only hope that the judgement, prejudice, racism and down right hatred these children experience can be reversed and love can fill that space in their hearts.


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