A to Z - All About Me (J)

There were so many kiddos
J is for Joshua Tree

Growing up in Southern California we spent more weekends, solstices/equinoxes and summers out at Joshua Tree than I can remember. We have a good family friend that owns a large pieces of land that bumps right up to where the park begins - so much so that when I was younger there really wasn't a "fence" dividing the properties and we easily wondered back and forth. 

House they "left" me at.
One of my favorite Joshua Tree stories is one from when I was a newborn. My mother and father took me out to one of the homes of friends, put me on their doorstep and played "ding-dong-ditch" (as a joke of course - not ACTUALLY abandoning me). Little did my parents expect for them to open the door, look down at the baby, bring me indoor and lock the door behind them (not letting my parents in). Haha. Don't give away the baby unless you mean it apparently was the message. 
Joshua Tree

This is just one of many memories I have of the desert - building medicine wheels, falling asleep beside the firepit, on a lawnchair, as live rock'n'roll plays. 

Nothing says "Spiritual Home" more to me than tall Joshua Trees standing against a red setting sun.

While I do enjoy the cooler weather and greeness of Portland...there are times I can't help but long for hot summer nights out in the California desert.


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