A to Z - All About Me (K)

K is for Kodachrome


Okay so this isn't about Paul Simon (although I do <3 him). This is about Photography. And I figured "P is for Photography" was a little obvious - so I went with a bit more playful. 

Photography and I have an interesting relationship. Well Art and I have a complex relationship to say the least. 

I've been doing art for...gosh my whole life...and some of the pieces (whether photography, painting or collage) I think are pretty good....and have had friends/family tell me they are too. 

But I've never considered myself an "Artist"...maybe an "artist" but even that feels funny. I'm not sure what quantifies and/or qualifies someone as an artist but I've just never had that relationship with the term. 

I consider myself artistic! But I see that as different. 

However, for today's letter I thought I'd share some of my pieces with you. 


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