A to Z - All About Me (L)

L is for "Little Weird"

So we touched on the fact my family (and I) are drawn a bit towards the macabre when discussing my favorite holiday being Halloween.

Lots of people like Halloween though right? Well how many people also have over a dozen facebook albums of cemeteries?

Wishes they drove a hearse?

 Go out of the way to take their picture with strange roadside attractions?

Will "go to the bathroom" at a coffee house for the sole purpose of taking a picture of the feet hanging in the ceiling?

Buy their sister a perfume for Christmas not because it's her favorite but because it's supposed to smell like "Funeral Home"?

Speaking of Funeral Homes...who else thinks this is HILARIOUS!!??

Oh and did I mention my obsession with documenting the fun and crazy Porn Store names in Portland even though I've never gone in?

So. Yea. That's me. Takes photos of cemeteries, porn shops and anything that leans towards the bizarre.


  1. I'm sorry, but Area 69 is just plain out funny. I don't want to know the kind of person who couldn't laugh at that.

  2. I've never seen anyone going into Omega. The place just oozes creepiness even in the middle of 122nd. I like the little cemetery on Holgate and 82nd. I've never been in it or walked by it, but I've driven by it many a times.

    1. I've actually seen a few services being conducted there. I just think "OMEGA" is the funniest/perfect name for a funeral home.

      (Omega means "the end")

    2. Oh wow, I'm so dumb. I didn't even put that together. Haha!


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