A to Z - All About Me (M)

M is for Morgan

No this isn't  a cop-out answer. Today I figured I'd tell you about my namesake.

Morgan is one of my mother's dear friends. The way my mom always describes her is "Morgan is one of the most talented women I know." She plays more musical instruments than I can count, is an amazing costuming goddess (aka seamstress), dances, acts, etc.....the list is just never ending.

So when I was born my mother refused to let me father name me (read: Cinderelli and for those of you who don't know me. Let's just say that would rhyme with my last name) and went with Morgan.


  1. haha thats really cool to have a story behind your name. I don't, so i envy people that do!! lol

  2. That's a cute story! My mom said Joslin seemed pretty and tease-proof. I was supposed to be Jacqueline but I guess one of my parents came up with a way to tease it at the last minute. They're so weird.


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