A to Z - All About Me (N)

N is for "Not Ready to Make Nice"

I sat here contemplating and thinking and debating what "N" would be today. So I thought instead of a "word" that described me I'd share a song that really stirs emotions inside of me.

For those who don't know the back story of this song...in 2003 vocalist Natalie Maines was quoted (during a concert I believe) that she was ashamed that President George W. Bush was from her home state of Texas. The Dixie Chicks were dropped from radio stations, their songs plumited down on the charts, they received numerous hate mail and death threats.

This song was the ladies response to the madness that spun around them.

I wouldn't consider myself a "country music fan" (although there are a number of songs/artists I do enjoy) but the reason this song means so much to me...sending goosebumps down my arms and bringing a tear to my eye...is because it is such an empowering song about standing up for what you believe. For now bowing down to pressure and caving in to doing what others think you should.

Lyrics like,
"I made my bed and I sleep like a baby
With no regrets and I don't mind sayin'
It's a sad, sad story when a mother will teach her
Daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger"

Still can ring so true today with the nations fighting and struggling pre-election mood. Instead of uniting together to do what's best for each other and ourselves mud slinging and hate are thrown everywhere instead.

It makes me sad for this country and at the same time stokes a fire deep inside of me to make things better and stand up for what I believe in.


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