A to Z - All About Me (O)

O is for Oregon

I've lived in Oregon for 2 1/2 years now and while I don't know if I'll grow roots here or how long I'll stay I've definitely started to consider Oregon home. I'm sure I've felt this way for a while, but recently I spent a weekend in Redlands (for a reunion meeting) and then not long afterwards a week in Jacksonville (for a conference). Both times, as the planes started to break through the clouds and I could see the city of Portland below me, I remember sighing with relief and having this sense of "I'm happy to be home."
I think part of this feeling - this finally starting to feel "at home" - is not only because I'm pretty determined to explore and familiarize myself with this town but also because I have more and more loved ones in the area.

I know have my mother, both sisters, an aunt, cousin, niece and two good friends who all live in the area (or at least the Greater PNW). And there's a possibility of even more loved ones heading to the Rose City. Perhaps roots, even if they aren't permanent, are already being established. 

I may always be a SoCal girl at heart but I'm holding my own as an Oregonian.


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