A to Z - All About Me (Q)

Q is for Quest

A quest for what you might ask? 
Good Mexican food and Chinese food. 

Don't get me wrong. Portland has amazing food. It's a foodies delight. However, while I have found sushi, burgers, pizza, Thai, Southern Creole/Cajun, Vietnamese, BBQ and everything in between I have not found what I would call "GOOD" Mexican or Chinese food. 

Now let me clear up two things. 

1) Being a SoCal native and being used to REAL Mexican food (read: restaurants that do NOT use instant rice, do not try to pass store bought off as "homemade" and have burgers on the menu for the gringos). I've tried Por Que No? (and they did have good street tacos but they didn't exactly hit the spot)...and will admit I haven't gotten a chance to do any of the carts. I'm guessing they are my best shot at what I'm looking for. 

So if you have Portland area recommendations PLEASE send them my way.

2) I have found good AUTHENTIC Chinese food (hot pots, dim sum, and steamed pork buns) and most days this is what I want but sometimes what you want is fried/greasy Americanized Chinese food. Chow mein, egg rolls, orange chicken...this is what I'm on a quest for. We thought we'd found a few spots but for whatever reasons their recipes have changed and the food either now all tastes the same (when you can't tell the difference between orange and sesame chicken there's a problem). 

So again, if you have a Portland area recommendation PLEASE send it my way.


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