The Week S.O.F.A.R.

Healthy Sexuality: A Guide for Advocates, Counselors and Prevention Educators. You don't HAVE to be any of these three to benefit from this guide that addresses "Sexuality Through the Life Span", "Shifting Gender Norms and Preventing Discrimination" and many more resources.

Old Man in Nursing Home Reacts to Music From His Era - Never underestimate the power of music. 

A Transgender Win for Miss Universe - Never thought I'd say this but "Yay Trump!"

Also, if you haven't "Liked" Caution! Reality Check's facebook page yet you missed amazing things like this:

When you’re a plus size woman, people like to say "yeah, she's cute in the face", as if being full figured is such a disgrace. Honey, I’m cute in the face, and I’m thick in the waist. I look good whether I’m in cotton, leather, or lace. I’m beautiful, vibrant and above all, smart! And there's more to me than my weight, I also have a heart. Yes my clothes maybe a bigger size, that just means you have access to a bigger prize. We all are not self-conscious about our weight, and we never have a problem getting a date. So don’t think your small frame gives you more pull, I’m a hot, sexy, curvy woman with a figure that's full. ♥


Gorgeous Katie Halchishick – co-founder of Healthy is the New Skinny and the Perfectly Unperfected Project – holds a Barbie doll in the November issue of O. Dotted lines indicate what would have to be cut away in order for her to have Barbie’s body. Curves is the real beauty.

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  1. I am skinny by nature and I honestly is dying to gain more weight and add some more meat on my bone curves :)

    Women are beautiful in whatever shape they are, after all what shapes a woman is their character not fats nor bones.

  2. Hey girl, I know you wrote a post about April being Sexual assault awareness month feel free to link your post up on my blog so it will get more views!


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