Fashion Friday: eShakti! I'm in love

So I've been a bad fashion blogger (Fashion Fridays...remember those?) for a while and I apologize for those who come here for that part of my blog. 

HOWEVER, I think I can make it up to you in one simple link*

If you're anything like me your body doesn't fit the "perfect" or "ideal" body shape/size/proportions that fashion designers use to when designing and making their fashion. 

I'm 5'1" so usually the hem lines are too long, I have round shoulders so I prefer scoop necks or halters, am plus size so (heaven forbid) need a larger size and am big busted so there's even more fabric. 

But at eShakti THAT DOESN'T MATTER!!

Because you can customize the size and style of their products. 

Wish that dress was floor length? No problem. 
Wish you could add sleeves to that blouse to make it work appropriate? No problem. 

 It's such an amazing concept! And the best part - they do it for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now to be truthful I haven't ordered anything from them...yet....but when I do....*pitterpatter* will go my heart. But so you and me both...what are we waiting for!!??

*no they aren't paying me to advertise for them....if they'd like to send me something free as a thank you though I won't say no. haha


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