Fashion Friday: Plus Size Handbag?

So I've heard before that your purse should match your body type/size. That if you are a plus-size woman you should carry larger purses (and smaller built women should carry smaller). That it's all about proportion and balance.

Some of these declarations/articles (such as this article) make some good points about how a bag on your hips will accentuate that area but statements like "Never ever use a small handbag if you have a plus size figure. As we said above, toting a small purse will only call attention to your size" always just rubs me the wrong way.

Which is maybe when Style has No size posted a blog called "Bags have no size!!" it made me smile. It's true though, I don't ever have to walk into a store and worry about if they'll have "my size" purse.

Maybe it's because I'm a purse fanatic. I honestly can't tell you how many I have in my closet. Different colors, different styles, different sizes but all me. Just because my body is a size 26 doesn't mean I should be fashionably restricted to larger bags. That's the same mind thought that says I shouldn't wear stripes, mini skirts or tight clothes.

Forget that! I'll buy and wear what I want - whether it's a shirt, dress, purse or earrings. I say buy what you like and stay sassy.


  1. I love this. I've never heard of purse size being related to body size, but I'm glad that you called bs on this concept. NO ONE should ever feel limited when it comes to personal style just because of his/her body size. Way to stay classy girl! ;D

    Hope you've been well!

    1. Thanks Tina.

      I agree with your 'no limitations'

      I'm a big girl and I'll carry a clutch if I want too. I mean really which would look worse - a cocktail dress with a large "plus-size" purse or a plus-size girl carrying a small clutch?


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