Much Needed Break.

We are only five weeks away from our school's commencement - which means the BUH-HIZ-EE* season for me at work. Not to mention dealing with the recent breakup and just general stress. Luckily one of my BFFs birthdays lands during Memorial Day weekend and I was able to escape this last weekend for four glorious days out to the Oregon Coast in celebration.

Since I took almost 300 photographs over the four days I've pulled together a few collages to share my weekend in Gearheart, Oregon.

The house we rented (below) was a 2bd 2bth little place with a wrap around deck, bbq and hot tub. What else could we want. Oh wait, how about an amazing view of the grassy dunes. So beautiful. 

We didn't just stay at the house the whole time. On Friday we drove down the coast to the Tillamook Cheese Factory - walked around looking at them packaging cheese, sampled cheese, bought cheese...oh and ice cream. Yummy. I had Grandma's Cake Batter and Mudslide.

On the way back up we stopped at a number of view points and took pictures. My favorite was Haystack Rock. So beautiful.

On our last (full) day we drove North to Astoria (right on the Oregon/Washington border) and puttered around the whole place. Our first stop was the Oregon Film Museum in the old County Jailhouse. Apparently over 300 films have been filmed in Oregon - this museum however predominately highlighted the Goonies (which I've never seen).

Our next stop was Astoria Column. It's on top of a hill over looking the Columbia River and out to the ocean. We didn't climb it's 164 steps to the top but we did get some great pictures from the hilltops.

On our way to lunch we swung by the Oregon Maritime Museum, strolled the docks and took pictures of some of the ships and equipment out on display.

Speaking of lunch. If anyone is ever in Astoria, OR make sure to swing by Bridgewater Bistro. It's advertised as a quiet romantic spot - which I can see - but it's also good for groups (most of the people there were in 4+ groups). The food was so yummy. You got free muffins with a tangy and sour lemon curd....OMG I could have eaten it by the spoonful!!

When we weren't out exploring though we were relaxing and just absorbing the peacefulness of the coast. How could we not with the ocean just over the dune horizon - only about a minute walk away. We went at least twice a day. Of course we collected all kinds of sea shells, sand dollars and drift wood while playing in the sand and tide pools.

I hope to get back to the coast very soon. I love falling asleep/waking up to the sounds of the ocean.

*BUH-HIZ-EE = Busy


  1. Mmmm Tillamook ice cream! I wish the commissary at our base would import some.


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