Wholesome Family Vacation

I spent this last weekend on a nice wholesome family vacation...to where you ask? 

A casino of course!

My youngest sister turned 21 last week and on Saturday my older sister turned 30. So my mother, aunt, both sisters, a boyfriend and I packed our overnight bags and headed out to Lincoln City, Oregon and the Chinook Winds Casino.

View of the casino (and parking lot) from our hotel door
My aunt (who had to work during the day on Saturday) and my older sister (who had errands to run) drove themselves. However my mother, sister, her bf and I piled into my mothers car and drove together out to the coast.

It really is a beautiful drive out there. The farms, vineyards and tourist spots along the way just call for you to stop and visit for a while. But we were on a mission and not even the Spruce Goose was going to distract us. 

Howard Hughes Spruce Goose airplane

We didn't even stop when I spotted this patriotic car suspended in a tree...
I still don't know what this was about.

Once we finally got out to Lincoln City we made our way over to Siltez Bay and the Taft Historic District. It was a chance to stretch our legs, hit the head and just take a look around. 

Next time I'm going here. TINY little tiki bar with lawn chairs out front to relax in.

This would be Mo (my nickname) in front of Mo's (restaurant)
We didn't eat here but have had dinner at the one in Newport
We had dinner plans with the whole family later that night at the casino but after a two hour car ride we were all a little hungry. So we stopped at Barnacle Bill's Seafood Market (recommended by one of my mother's friends) for a quick bite of DELICIOUS smoked salmon ($21/pound) and shrimp/crab cocktails.

We just got smoked fillet but next time I'm all over those cheeks!

Eventually we made our way to the hotel and checked in, my younger sister and her boyfriend hit the casino (bar) right away. I had a hard time being pulled away from the view of my hotel room. 

I could go to sleep and wake up to the crashing of waves every day.

The rest of the weekend turned out great. Dinner was good. We had fun gambling (I lost a whole $4). And while my older sister did have her wallet stolen (boo-birthday) she did get it back with only the cash missing.

For breakfast we went to a place called Lil Sambos. Apparently it was a big chain in the 60s and my mother remembers going as a child. However, most closed down in the 70s and 80s...not the one in Lincoln City though. So we went and carbed up for the long car ride home.

Based off a children's story from the 1880s
I hope in the end my sisters had good birthdays, my aunt enjoyed her first trip to the Oregon Coast and we all had fun at Chinook Winds. It definitely got me wanting to go back to the coast soon...oh wait I get to go back this upcoming weekend for Memorial Day. 

Hot damn!


  1. wow, sounds like a fun filled weekend for sure.. Nice pictures!



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