Dear Men using Online-Dating Websites

Even this smile is better than none.
Please smile in your photos.

Not smiling makes you look like you're being forced to post a profile.

You don't look like a hard-ass.

You don't look like a 'bad-boy'.

Don't try ask me "what's the point" or try and  tell me that "good guys finish last" and all women are looking for assholes anyway.

Smiles make us think you're having a good time... that you enjoy life and are looking for someone to enjoy it with. 

You wouldn't get very far in a bar (or wherever you go) picking up women if you approached them with a giant scowl on your face now would you? What makes you think it would work online?

See! Even Al Capone smiled in his mugshot!!
It doesn't matter if you're a "giant teddy bear" or the "nicest guy you'll ever meet". If your picture looks like a mug shot or an FBIs most wanted poster I'm not even going to open your profile (hell even some FBI most wanted posters have the creep smiling).

Please even if you think you are a hard-ass, hate your smile, have no teeth... try to smile in at least your main picture. 

Me (on behalf of all women you're trying to pick up online)


  1. I agree 100%! If I had to judge my husband based off his typical no-smile pictures, we would have never wanted to meet him. I would have thought he was no fun. I force him to smile now...even if it means saying or doing something dorky to make him laugh.


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