Farewell Epicurean Enthusiast

So I've debated this before...closing down this blog that is...and I even once wrote a farewell blog. However, I had second thoughts and deleted it before anyone could (hopefully) read it.

But here I am again.

However, because I am such a foodie I know that food will leak over into the other blog. So if you've enjoyed me here please feel free to zip over to Curves and a Camera.

Farewell my fellow foodies.


  1. Hey I know how you feel. I started a whole new blog because I wanted to post more things than just food. It's hard to leave a blog. Have you considered having your visitors redirected to your new one? I moved all my old posts and it's worked out great.

    1. Thanks Amanda. I didn't even know that was an option! I figured out how to merge them...now just to figure out how to redirect. :)


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