Scare of a Lifetime

Yesterday I had the scare of a lifetime. 

I got a call from my mother's employer telling me she was on her way to the hospital via ambulance.

All her boss told me was that my mom had been feeling very ill and they had called 911. My mother had requested to be taken to the hospital closes to home but the EMTs were going to check her heart out in the ambulance an decide if they needed to take her to an emergency room closer to her office.

My years of Residential Life and emergency training kicked into gear. I quickly and calmly contacted my local aunt and little sister so we could go to the hospital and be with my mom; called my uncle and aunt in Southern California to let them know what was happening; and reached my older sister before she went to work to let her know.

It wasn't until I was on my way home from seeing my mother and her being admitted into the hospital overnight that it really started to hit me. That's when the shakes happened, I couldn't breathe and I held back tears. 

Her father was only four years older, than she is now, when he died of a heart attack...and this scare made me realize how unprepared I am to lose my mother. I may be nearly 30 but seeing my mother in a hospital bed with wires and tubes monitoring her I felt like a scared little girl not wanting to lose my mommy.

She's home right now, resting. It was just a severe case of dehydration that invoked a diabetic episode. So she's back on a restricted diet and diabetic medication and has an appointment to see her doctor on Monday. I'm glad she's okay and I'm glad she's home. I've now faced the realization of our own mortality and the knowledge that no matter what matters may be in order I'll never be prepared to lose my best friend and mother.


  1. How awful! I hope your mom is feeling better.

    1. Thanks. She's doing much better. Since we currently live together I've offered to change my eating habits to fit her diet so it's an easier transition for her.


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