The Week S.O.F.A.R.

The Perfect Pin Up Red Lips Tutorial - I love the red lip look but am not the biggest fan of lipstick. Which is why I fell in love when I found Burt's Bees has tinted lip balm. Red lips with out the lipstick.

6.6 Million Young Adults Insured Because of Obamacare - as someone who went all of her college years without any insurance I know how much I would have appreciated something like this back then. I'm all for socialized medicine and anyone who disagrees...well then I'll just start sending my medical bills to you.

How to smuggle Alcohol (or other contraband) into an Outdoor Concert - I never would have though of an empty (and cleaned) suntan lotion boobs sure but a suntan lotion bottle? They may call it "amateur" but I call it "genius"

Teacher Forgets Student's Name, says, "Go sit down, black boy"  - This is just the first time a child stood up and said something. How does the school know she hasn't been using terms like this her entire career. This is completely shocking and she deserves to be dismissed.

My Body Doesn't Bend Like That - Wait? Really? Now all those looks I get on the street makes sense... (JK)

Canadian Plus-Size Fitness Company Doesn't Allow Skinny People because They "Bring Down Morale" - While I can see (kind of) where they were coming from saying an entire "subgroup" of people (whether skinny, plus-size, black, white, young, old) 'brings down morale' is narrow minded and discriminatory.

Cover Your Cleavage for Takeoff: Southwest Airlines Screw up Again - way to go assholes. I used to fly Southwest all the time because of their prices...that was before they got on the role of insulting and kicking everyone off their planes. Now I'll never fly Southwest again. 


  1. LOL, I enjoyed the my body doesn't bend like that link.. so funny. Thanks for sharing



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