I sometimes wonder what is going through people's minds when they sit down to write their dating profile and handle name. 

A few days ago I received a smile saying "You're cute" from YourBoyToy*

My first thought was I'm not looking for a "boy-toy" but I'm not going to turn someone down based solely on their handle. 

So I went ahead and looked at his profile text. 

This is what I read:

What do you say to that? 

So to be nice I sent a smile back that just said "Thank you". (Just because I wasn't interested doesn't mean that I have to be rude. Just because it's online doesn't mean we shouldn't still "reject" people politely). 

This afternoon I received another smile from YourBoyToy saying "If you upgrade we can chat" (to clarify smiles can be sent by anyone but to email someone the sender must be a paid member... meaning he's telling me if I pay to email then I can chat with him.... guess he really is looking for a "sugar-momma")

At first I thought I'd just ignore him but I guess there was a bit of fire/feistiness inside me today because I did email him (I am already a paying member) the following:

"So I did get your smiles. But I have to let you know I found your profile very off putting. I'm not looking for a boy-toy and while I may or may not agree with you about physical intimacy in a relationship, having sex be the main portion of your bio was a turn off. I'm looking for a relationship not a sex toy."

Something tells me I probably won't be hearing from YourBoyToy anytime soon. 

*I removed the ending of this handle to allow for further anonymity for the poor schmuck  


  1. OMG I cannot believe some people! But I love what you said to him, you tell him girl!


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