15 Day Challenge: 6 Words

Today's "15 Day Challenge" is to write a (few) 6-word memoirs.

This makes me remember high school English and trying to come up with haikus...I always had the hardest time.

At least this is only 6 words and I don't have to count syllables.

German/English Mother and Italian Father.
Pretty self explanatory I think. 

High school and college bulldog mascots. 
I was a bulldog x2

California Raised now living in Portland.
Lived in California until I was (almost) 27 and
then moved to Portland with family

Eight years older than youngest sister.  
Most people as if we have different dads since our
ages are so far apart. But we don't. Full sisters.

Turning thirty in just seven months.  
Keep an eye out for a blog about this soon.
Need help planning the celebration.

Hopefully getting a promotion at work!  
Fingers crossed. We're one step closer.
Will definitely let you all know!

Still looking for that special someone.
 Enough said.


  1. Wonderful memoirs! Bulldog x2? That's so funny!

  2. Even funnier. The colors of my college (Maroon and Grey) are the same colors of the rival high school.


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