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Last day of the 15 Day Challenge...okay I know it took me way more than 15 days....haha. But I finished it! :)

So what is the best compliment I've ever received? 

I'm not really sure. 

I know I've mentioned that I have an "award winning" smile before... literally. This last May at the "Making a Difference Awards" (something that happens annually at work) I was nominated for both the Leadership Award (which I won) and the Helping Hand Award. 

The entire process is community facilitated. Nominations are sent in by students, staff and faculty members. You nominate a person for a specific category and give a few reasons why. When the winners are announced at the ceremony a few of these "quotes" are read aloud. 

Nearly all of the quotes read about me were about how I smile through it all. How I am always willing to help, no matter what, and I do it with a smile. At first I was extremely flattered but then after awhile I realized I was given a "LEADERSHIP" award and all that was mentioned was my smile. Not really what I was hoping for. compliment....??

Maybe it would be the fact my boss automatically thought of me and promoting me in our department the second she suspected my coworker was leaving. She saw potential in me, she knows that I can take on these extra responsibilities (violence prevention program, disability accommodations, international students, etc). Her asking if I'd be interested in advancing in the school was a really nice compliment.

No, I think if I had to pick the BEST compliment it would be the one I got (indirectly) from baby sister (CC)

About a year or so ago, my mother mentioned how CC (who btw is 4 inches taller than me and a size 2) told her how much she liked my style. CC said that she worried sometimes that I was unhappy with my size but she saw how much I love fashion and how well I dressed my shape. Aside from just thinking I "dressed my size" well CC also said she loved my style - the clothes I chose and the way I accessorize. 

It's never been easy being the short-round sister when CC was the tall-skinny one. Always hearing how gorgeous CC was. How beautiful CC was. How boys always drooled over and gawked at CC. To have CC be the one to compliment my style and fashion meant a lot. 


  1. Great compliments! It's sweet that your sister is the one who gave you the best one.

    1. She and I didn't always get along (there is 8 years between us so we had a strange dynamic growing up) but we get along much better now than before. She can be a sweetheart (when she wants to be). haha.

  2. I still remember the day Liza said I matched! It may seems like a back handed comment, but when you take into account we were in high school, Liza said it, and it was totally random, it made me feel good.


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