15 Day Challenge: Best Day

The best day of my life?

There really are so many amazing days - births, moves, loves, friends, road trips, etc.

I think I'm going to have to pick a week ago Friday when I found out that HR and the President of my school had approved my PROMOTION!!


It's been on the table for a while now. A coworker of mine is going back to school and leaving soon - as well as my boss is going back to school but working and getting her MA at the same time. So we (my boss really) thought this might be the time to restructure our department and move some duties around.

My boss and I have worked on looking at all of our job descriptions - hers, coworkers and mine and trying to figure out the best way to have shuffle things around to get an Administrative Assistant for our office as well as promote me (giving me a combination of all three of our jobs).

We came up with a few variations but when budget time came around this year and there was a blanket "no new hires" put out we were a little worried. But we kept pushing forward and come this September (once  my coworker has left) I'll be moved up to ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF STUDENT SERVICES!!!

I'll still be the advisor to our Student Government, still doing events with students but I'll finally be able to really work a good percentage of my time on Violence Prevention, Diversity and Cultural Competency... as well taking on student advocacy work, disability services, and more.

Two Friday's ago the job description went to the Grading Committee (to decide how much the job should be paid) and then to the President for the final approval. My boss came in from the meeting and told me it was approved!! Hooray!!

I wasn't going to say anything until the formal announcement was made to the campus (especially since my coworker's leaving hasn't been made very public yet either). But today a woman who works in the office above us came down because she had just heard from her office mate, who heard from my boss, about my coworker leaving and me being promoted. 

Guess if the news is going through the grapevine I might as well be able to share it here!

Reason for being the best day: I had spent five years making my way up the ladder in the ResLife field (making it to Housing Director) before moving to Portland and deciding to start over in a different HigherEd sub-field. I didn't want to do housing any more and while the job I have is fun - it was a large step down (in pay and on the managerial ladder). So this is a big step up for me and I'm so glad it only took two years with this school (which doesn't seem to have much in the way of advancement opportunities). 

So here's to my new job!!


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