DIY Cookie Tubs

I can't help but think of the Cookie Monster's "C is for Cookie" song any time I've been baking Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Anyway this isn't about cookies so much as it is the cookie dough.

There are only two of us in my house and neither of us needs to have a few dozen chocolate chip cookies lying around the house. So I got to thinking about about the buckets of cookie dough that some schools used to sell as a fundraiser. It was great you could scoop out however much you wanted and not have to make the WHOLE THING!

Why can't I do that myself?

So this weekend I went out and bought a half dozen small Tupperware containers and filled them with (approximately) a dozen cookies worth of dough. This way I only made a dozen cookies and next time I want more I can just pull one of these Tupperware out of the freezer, thaw and have a dozen hot cookies in a few minutes rather than a few dozen in lots of minutes.


I made a Martha Stewart Soft and Chewy Cookie recipe.


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