Giveaway getting closer!!

Ms. Morgan's Reality Check is at 44 followers!!

Don't forget whoever is the 50th follower and whoever recommended them (or whose blog hop you found it through) will both get some of my favorite Portland goodies. 

Maybe it'll be a booze and chocolate box? Wine or beer from one of our many Portland wineries or breweries; or maybe some chocolate from one of the our amazing chocolatiers... Who knows? 

Maybe it'll be nuts and berries. Oregon is the only state with a "state nut" (Hazelnuts) and we're also known for our yummy marionberries. Mmmm. Who knows?

When I sent a care package to someone before it included fake mustaches (because we have lots of facial hair men up here), organic handmade soap, a thunder-egg key chain and salmon jerky. 

I love theme shopping and who better deserved than my 50th follower!!

We're so close so start recommending and sharing with friends. 

PS. There will actually be four winners. I'm doing a duplicate contest on Ms. Morgan's Reality Check's Facebook page. So you have double the chance of a goodie box here.


  1. Happy to be #45! :) Love your blog!

  2. What a GREAT idea, love it!! Thanks for the follow, happily following back

    1. Thanks Amanda. I love putting together care packages so I thought why not share with readers. :)


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