15 Day Challenge: Good Bad Ugly

This is a hard one. Hmmm???
So let's see... how can I shake it up a little and make it fun? 

Well right now I'm sitting at home (mental health day) watching NCIS (a guilty pleasure) so how about the Good Bad and Ugly of my guilty pleasures?

Well, the "Ugly" of them would definitely my indulgent  in crime shows (NCIS, Bones, Castle, etc). I'm not really sure when the love developed. I do believe one of my bffs introduced me to NCIS and now I own all the seasons. It's not that I think they're well written, or that they keep me guessing until the end... there's just something about them I just find addicting. 

My "Bad" guilty pleasure would have to be my love for accessories... jewelry, shoes, purses, earrings, etc. When I'm in the need for a little retail therapy I usually head for accessories department of whatever store is closes - whether it be Nordstroms or Ross. For a while I had more purses and shoes than I could count (it's a figure of speech) but I've had to get rid of so many because of lack of storage space. So I've started to replace them with earrings and rings because those are smaller and easier to store. 

A "Good" guilty pleasure? Does that exist? I think if I had to pick I'd say it was my love for food. Which has resulted in a passion for cooking, entertaining and feeding family/friends. I miss having a larger kitchen and people to have over for dinner. I have the family over as often as we can but there's usually too many to feed all out of my paycheck so we do potluck. And I can't really feed those I work with because they have so many allergies and food sensitivities.  So I experiment and try things out on myself and my mother and usually it comes out DE-LICIOUS. 

So there you have it. My Good, Bad and Ugly guilty pleasures. 


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