Mr New Jersey (Part 2)

I know I've mentioned "Mr. NJ" a few times and promised I'd talk about him "later". Well here we go. A three part series on my new Mr. New Jersey.

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Mr. New Jersey (Part 2: Bonus)

So I'm officially single one month when Mr. NJ emails me on the dating site. Right there I'm impressed if only because he took the initiative!!

The site i have/do use is a dating site designed for men and women who either are themselves (or are attracted) to plus size people (BBW or BHM). On the site you can "Smile" at one another for free but to initiate email correspondence you must be a paying member. More times than I can count I would get a smile from some guy with the note "Email Me" ... meaning he expected ME to pay so we could chat.

Mr NJ was a paying member. First impression: he wasn't a cheap penny pinching ass expecting the woman to fork out $14/month to email.


Now I am a strong advocate for getting to know someone. Finding their inner beauty and wonderfulness. But I also know that chemistry happens on multiple layers and the first step has to be physical attraction.

Mr. NJ is taller than me (I'm only 5'1" so him being 5'10" makes him TALL in my world), brunette with brown eyes (he's part Italian, Mexican and Native Mexican-Indian) and a smile that just knocked me over backwards. 

I've always been more attracted to stalkier, solid, built men. Broad chest, large arms, a little squishy so that cuddling doesn't feel like I'm trying to snuggle up against a brick wall. Mr. New Jersey is built exactly how I like them.... and according to him I have his idea of the "perfect body"


While he is currently living in New Jersey, and has for the last two years (work relocated him), he's originally from Southern California. There's something nice about meeting someone from your "neck of the woods". While Orange County (he graduated from USC) and San Diego are two different beasts there is enough cultural similarities that creates a bond. 

And his family (who he is close too) still lives in Southern California and goes back often. 


Speaking about being close to his family that in itself is a bonus. I've very close to my family - from my mother and sister, to my aunts and uncles, even second cousins who I haven't seen in years ... we can call each other at any point, on any day of the week and be there for one another. 

I've always wanted to meet someone who is as close to their family as I am to mine. Someone who, at least, understands the importance of family and staying connected. Someone who knows what it's like to come from a large family (he has four siblings and his mother is one of four), being one of twenty-one cousins is a big part of my identity and finding someone who also comes from a close-big family is wonderful. 


As the days went along and we went from emailing to exchanging of instant messages and finally to phone numbers - we talk everyday, multiple times a day.

Our first email exchange wasn't the only he's initiated. He'll send mid-day texts just making sure I'm having a good day. Yesterday I was woken up with a text message saying "Morning beautiful".


He just keeps racking up the brownie points. 
No wondering I'm falling hard and fast.

*               *               *

Check back tomorrow for Part 3. 


  1. He sounds like a great guy! That's a perfect text to wake up to.

    1. It so was! I've given him his own text chime so I knew it was him (normally I become all grumpy when woken up on the weekend by a text message haha). I heard it chime and I started smiling. It just got bigger when I read the message. :D


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