15 Day Challenge: Never Change

For many years I had low self esteem. Who hasn't right? But this went beyond just a year or two of acne filled teenage angst. Mine went on through college and for a few years afterwards. I didn't see myself as attractive - inside or out. It took a lot of work and a lot of love and support from friends and family but now I think I'm a pretty confident, self-loving woman who does what she can to help boost others.

So while there are things I'd never change (like the closeness of my family, the choice to attend the college I did, quitting certain jobs at certain points in life, etc) I'm going to try and focus on things about ME that I would never change.

MY SMILE: I've been told I have a "million dollar smile" that just lights up the room. Friends and family can tell when my smile in pictures is real or not because the glimmer in my face just isn't there. I love my smile - from my lips to the gap between my teeth.

MY CURVES: While there are times I wish that it was easier for me to lose weight, and times when I was a few dress sizes smaller - in the end I love my curves. Hips, breasts, butt and stomachs are what makes a woman and woman and I have all four (with some to spare. haha). I've finally found a love for my curves and that there are men out there who love them too. *winkwink*

MY SENSE OF HUMOR: Dark, sarcastic, dry and a dash of dirty. My two favorite comedians are Robin Williams (his Live on Broadway makes me cry I'm laughing so hard) and Eddie Izzard (who doesn't love a man in eyeliner and heals?)

And Henry VIII, a big hairy king, went up to the Pope and said, "Mr. Pope! I'm gonna marry my first wife, then I'm gonna divorce her. Now, I know what you're gonna say, but stick with me. My story gets better. Second wife, I'm gonna kill her! Cut her head off. Ah, not expecting that, are we? Third wife gonna shoot her. Fourth wife, put her in a bag. Fifth wife, into outer space. Sixth wife, on a rotissamat. Seventh wife, made out of jam..." and the Pope is saying, "You crazy bugger! You can't do all this, what are you a Mormon? It's illegal. What have you been reading? The gospel according to St. Bastard?" -Eddie Izzard



  1. I love your sense of humor! It's one of the main reasons I started reading your blog.


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