15 Day Challenge: Recommended Readings

I totally admit that I don't read 1) nearly as much as I used to nor 2) nearly as much as I'd like.

I don't know what it is I just get into reading funks where I just have no interest in reading (somewhere my mother just became disappointed in me and isn't sure why) ... I've always been a "picky" reader. I'm not like my mother who will pick up any book and give it a chance. I can only think of one or two times where she has disliked a book so much she's put it down - she'll read it cover to cover even if it's not the best book.

I however need to be grabbed right away. I need to connect with the characters. I need the narrative to not go on and on about useless whatever.

However, I am a big supporter of reading. I was read to growing up every night before bed. I was given books as gifts and presents and encouraged to use my imagination and explore other worlds through literature.

Even now, when my nieces and nephews birthdays come around, or when I have a baby shower to attend, at least one book is given. Parent's get enough toys and plastic chaos from everyone else. I want to give the gift of adventure, exploration and imagination.

So for today's 15 Day Challenge - instead of giving you a book that I think you should read. I'm going to give you books that 1) I give to others and their children, 2) books that I remember myself and my sister loving growing up.

Did you know the Wizard of Oz is only one of 14 books in a series!? I had
all of them read to me growing up, as my mother had them read to her by her
mother and I plan on reading them to my children as well.

Another "Not just a movie" book collection I was read was The Hobbit and the Lord
of the Rings Trilogy. This is definitely for slightly older children but still a classic.
I remember going to the library and borrowing the Anne of Green Gables
series and just devouring them. Finally I was given the collection for a birthday
or Christmas and still have it (well loved) today.

For the younger ones try Roger's Upside-Down Day. Roger Poger spends his whole
day upside down in his room. It's fun and I promise your kiddos will try to walk on walls.

This is one I buy for every baby shower. It's a beautiful poem about how the
world will celebrate the birth of the child.

We used to read this to my little sister all the time. It was so fitting for
her. "I want a glass of water"."Five more minutes?" and on and on. Very cute.

It's never too early to start reading to your children after all


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