15 Day Challenge: Table for Six

So maybe I'm looking forward to my birthday and hanging out with some of my girls (and guys). Maybe I'm in the frisky mood and looking for some eye candy. Either way that's where my "Dinner with 5 people" thought went. 

First it was what five women would I want to spend the evening with - laughs, drinks, sharing in wisdom and how to move past the hurt. 

(clockwise) Meryl Streep, Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, Emma Thompson

and of course can't forget my girl Julia...

Now what about some eye candy?  Can't go wrong with these four in my opinion. 

(clockwise) Elvis Presley, Joe Manganiello, Arnold Vosloo, Mark Harmon

and to finish it off, David Boreanaz. 

I could stare into his eyes all evening. 


  1. Elvis Presley was HOT when he was young! I watched the special Frank Sinatra threw for him when he got back from the army...swoon!


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