15 Day Challenge: Unhealthy Attachment

Today's challenge is to tell about an article of clothing that I'm deeply attached to. I don't know if I have anything that I'm sentimental about or I'd consider emotionally attached to but I certainly have a shirt I just can't seem to part with and has developed into an unhealthy attachment.

That would be this teal shirt (pictured below). 

Yes, that's me and Mator
It's a super soft and flowy fabric without crossing the hippie fashion line. It has a gold/copper metal decorative circle on the scoop and is just a fabulous color. 

But I've had it for years and it's got tons of little holes in them (like pin-hole sized, or cat claw sized) and really should just be a weekend shirt (or worse a thrift store shirt). But I haven't found anything to replace is so I just keep wearing it to work (I don't think you can really see the holes unless you look close). 

I thought I had found one - a deeper, less green blue, rounded squared neck, fun detail but it just doesn't fit the same way, it's not as soft...it's just not the same. 

So I'm not giving this one up...just yet. 


  1. I have clothes I'm attached to, also. clothes that my fiancee says "that again?" to. I wear them at least once a week on days I stay in and wash regularly...not hurting anyone! Lol


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