Amusing August Blog Hop: Celebrity Crush

Welcome to week four of the blog hop!

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***Who is your celebrity crush?***
It's funny to me that this is this week's Amusing August Blog Hop question because just earlier last week I did a post about who my Hollywood Crushes were (in response to a question from a reader in regards to my "type" of men). Last week when I saw the prompt for today I commented to Shelby how funny this was but promised to expand or re-post in some way. 
Instead of reposting the pictures of the men I posted last week (no, I promise I'm not turning into "THAT" type of blog) - because you can always go look at that post. I thought I'd post someone I didn't mention last week. 
That would be Joe Manganiello...for those True Blood fans out there he plays Alcide:

Again, tall- dark- handsome - built like a brick wall.... **Drool**

Funny too, when I was out getting a pedicure this last weekend I was thumbing through some rag-mag that had a whole page about him:

Best pieces of the (brief) article?

"Last Thing I Splurged On...I bought a leather U shipped couch...It's 11 ft. in the center... I'm a big dude."

"Last Piece of Advice My Mother Gave Me Was... Sex accounts for 40 percent of your relationship, but if it's bad, then it's 60"

And last but not least his celebrity crush? Sophia Vergara. "All too often Hollywood actresses are super skinny. As a man, my primal instincts don't kick in when they are skinny. I like curves."
He can release his primal instincts on my curves any day. LOL


  1. Now that is a MAN. Whew!

    New follower! :)

  2. Just wait till you watch Season 5! Lot's of good shirtless (and sometimes less) Alcide!!!

    1. We're going to start it tonight I think. :) I'm sure I'll be texting you.


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