I feel like a bad blogger this week...I've commented on a few other's blogs but that's about it. 

Work has been crazy and I just don't have the energy when I get home. 

Monday/Tuesday I had 8 hour trainings (both days) on Title IX and the investigation process that we're developing (with the help of ATIXA lawyers) for school. 

I don't even remember Wednesday. 

And yesterday/today has been/will be spent interviewing canidates for our new Administrative Assistant position.

I'm going to try and do today's link up with The Thriftiness Miss...but I can't make promises. 

Hopefully I'll get a chance to blog (even if just post pictures) of the new farmer's market I'm going to try out. We're also (at least have plans to) making eggrolls and I want to share my family secrets with these quick-yummy vegetarian delights. 

Here's hoping.


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