Connecticut FAIL

So tonight Mr. CT committed an ultimate FAIL. 

After not talking to me - or at least not really (a random "hi" here and there doesn't count) - for over a month I sends me an instant message tonight. The conversation went like this:

Mr. CT: Evening
Me: Hi. How are you?
Mr. CT: Send me a pic of you
Me: Why?
Mr. CT: Why not? I like the view.
Me: We haven't talk in a while.
Mr. CT: I would like to masturbate to you
Me: I'm not interested in being you masturbatory material

*Mr. CT Goes Offline*

*               *               *

WHAT THE F***!!!??? 
What kind of creepy-dog does that?!

I immediately texted my BFF who basically told me I just needed to stop with the puritanical Catholic Guilt, take this as a compliment and move on. 

Hahaha. Okay. I gave her the fact that "He doesn't just think [I'm] pretty but sexy!" and it should "be an ego boost when it comes to self image".  In the end I told her I "promise[d] to take it as a compliment and strip for other men."

Doesn't change the fact that I'm classy enough to want a "Hi. How are you?" maybe even asking me if I'm single/available/interested before asking me to take my clothes off so he can get his kicks. Doesn't matter if I find you attractive, charming, interesting or sleazy, creepy and a dog. 

*               *               *

I also texted Mr NJ (or Jersey as my BFF called him tonight) and told him what had happened. His response was the best. "That's fucked up. Fuck him." (LOL. That's what I needed to hear). Then proceeded to sweep me off my feet by telling me that he'd rather meet me and just be in my presence than just f*** me. 

Maybe it's weird that my first instinct was to contact Jersey (after my BFF)... but I guess it's because I have had the impression(s) that Jersey isn't just some dog trying to get his jollies. He wants to know me. And if he does just want to get lucky at least he's willing to make small talk first. 

Mr. CT could learn a few things from Jersey - talk to a girl before propositioning her for sex. 

I do believe this will be the end of Mr. Connecticut. 


  1. Mr. CT sure could learn a few things from Mr. NJ!!!! What a pervy jerk.

  2. Oh that is just GROSS!!!!!! I think I would block that sucker from anymore contact with me that is for sure.


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