Girls Brunch

This weekend I'm having the women of my family over for a Girl's Brunch

It'll be the first time my cousin has gotten some time with adults, without the 4 year old interrupting with "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy." She and I are also going to a theatrical production of Shakespeare's Henry V (Part 1) - she has to attend a play for her theatre class.

I'm excited for the brunch though. We're doing it pot luck style but my mother and I are cooking the "main dish" ...something and eggs. Also, I'm bringing some champagne home that was left over from a work event (thank you Boss Lady) so I figured we'll do mimosa like beverages too. 

I love hosting small intimate "parties" like this. Doesn't matter if it's five family members for brunch or twelve for a holiday dinner. I think I'm going to need to play some on Pinterest today to get inspired more. Here's what I've already found:

Ambiance is as important as the food. And with the weather starting to get cooler (I almost needed a jacket this morning) and Autumn so close I figured a table to get us in the mood. 

Pinned Here.

Pinned here.
Then of course there is the main dish. I've made similar egg muffins before and they turned out yummy. I'm thinking I might go this route just because it's easy and they bake fast...but these other ones look good too and there is only five of us!

Pinned here.
Pinned here.
Pinned here.
And last but not least there's the champagne cocktails. I'm bringing the champagne but my aunt is bringing the mixer so I'm not sure what we'll be drinking until she arrives.

Pinned here.
Pinned here.
My youngest sister is bringing a loaf of bread from the bakery, my cousin is bringing blueberry muffins, and my older sister (if she can come) is bringing a fruit salad. 

I've already talked with my mother and we agree that my Great Grandmother's Hungarian China need to be brought out for this Girl's Brunch. If we're going to make it special might as well go all the way. 

*           *          *

Are you a fan of brunch?
What's your favorite, must-have, brunch item?


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