Going to the Garden State

So if you've been following along for, at least the last few weeks, than you know about my Mr. New Jersey and you know that we have been talking about visiting one another.   

Well it looks like it's going to happen!!! 

He has the weekend of the 14-16th off (he travels 45% of the time for work so this was our biggest hurddle) and I've gotten the go-ahead from my boss to take most of (if not all of) the day off work. 

 New Jersey here I come!
Mr. NJ lives just across the George Washington Bridge from NYC and has talked about spending out days exploring NYC. This will be my first time to (anywhere in) the New York/Jersey area and I told Jersey I'm open to going anywhere - I want to see "his" New York. 

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As he's a native Californian too and has only lived in the area for two years I figured he hasn't been completely jaded by the tourists and would be willing to brave them with me. 

My only requirement is that we have to have plans to visit with my college roomie who is going to NYU for grad school.

He has mentioned making sure I see the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Ground Zero and says he knows a great spot to look out on the Statue of Liberty. 

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Have you been to New Jersey or New York before? .
Where do you think I should make sure to visit?
(Remembering I only have about 1 1/2 days total that I'll be there). 

Any and all suggestions welcome: restaurants, street food, tourist and local hotspots, street art, etc.


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