Happy Weekend

Sometimes I wish there was an extra day to the weekend just to recuperate from the weekend. This weekend was a lot of fun - pedicure, farmers market, shipping - but exhausting.

Pre-Jersey pedicure, geese at a creek, chicken & waffles breakfast
and the bizarre crap at Tuesday Morning.
Absolutely gorgeous flowers from Mom's Farm!!
Amazing produce at the farmer's market. Bought some peaches...YUMMY
I bought the bottom two pieces but plan on going back to get the top two.


  1. The funny, and great, thing about that blazer is its the (meant-to-be) matching top to a pair of pants I bought from Fashion Bug months and months ago. Bought the pants online and found the jacket (marked down btw to only $20) in the store. PERFECT! Now I have a full matching suit!

  2. say "thanks mom for finding that blazer!"

    1. Hahaha. "Thanks Mom for finding that blazer!"


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