Hollywood Crushes

After my Doppelgänger or Type blog Tami commented she'd want to see my Hollywood Crush(s).  But why not? Here we go.

Colin Ferrell

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

David Boreanaz
And then there is my silverfox...

Mark Harmon

Now this isn't to say that the men I date look like these men.... but they are the tall/dark/handsome (in my opinion of course) type for sure... and usually in the "pretty-boy" realm. Give me a man who spends longer in the bathroom getting ready than I do; than a man who looks like he hasn't shaved/showered in days.


  1. I had a crush on David Boreanaz especially when he played Angel. I enjoyed the posts.


    1. Again, another show I never watched. My bff growing up was a big Buffy/Angel fan so I saw one or two episodes but didn't really develop a "crush" on him until Bones.


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