New Office Design

As of Monday the space wasn't painted,
I had no internet port and there was
installation everywhere.
Some of you may know that my office (the entire department really) is in the middle of a big move. Our current office is completely packed up and there's hardly a nail left in the wall. The movers are coming on Monday to move everything over one building and into our new "home". 

While some of my fellow staff aren't excited (read: at all) for this move I couldn't be happier... if for only one reason: 


This morning 3/4 of the walls
had been painted and holes were
cut for where my internet will go.
When I was hired on I made the 5th member of the Student Services team and since there were only four offices that meant that, even though my job duties are not that of a receptionist, I got the "receptionist spot" in the main lobby space. Yippee. (<~ sarcasm) 

Our new space has enough offices for everyone (with a little creative wall building that is). So I finally (after two years of trying to explain to students they don't need to ask my permission to go into my coworkers office) get my own office.

With a new office (just days away) I now get to do something I love ... interior design!!

Room and furniture layout.
Artwork and decorations.

Challenge #1: I work at a school where people notice (AND MENTION) if your space is not feng shui. Luckily we had a staff development training last summer about basic room feng shui and I can go off the chart and notes I took. (Yes, I did just say that we had a staff training on feng shui. Welcome to my world.)

Challenge #2: My new office is (at most) 8ft wide by 10ft long. And when you have a five foot long massive beast of a desk it makes your options a little slim.

So for a few days we've all been playing around with room design and possible layouts for our offices. I found a website that let me do it online. 

Two possible layout options I came up with today.

Challenge #3 is the limit to where my computer can go because of the internet port. So how to arrange around this challenge that won't result in me tripping over cords?

The above layout is the most "feng shui" layout of the bunch. 

A staff member in the Admissions department brought us a few pages from a feng shui book he owns (probably won as a door prize at the feng shui training). It discussed how (in an office) your desk should be mostly centered (but not with you in the direct line of the door) with two wooden bookcases on either side (behind) to help ground you. The "guest chair" should be on the left side of the desk (the "family" side). 

Luckily it's not very off from where the desk "has" to go (thanks to the limiting internet) so I can do some rearranging come Monday when I get into the office. 

Once I get this all taken care of I can get to the best part - decorating! 

I'm bringing in a painting I painted, my diplomas, photos and some books that relate directly to the promotion. I already have a few posters (women in history, how to build community, etc), a statue of Ganesh, the award I won this last Making a Difference banquet. 

Hopefully it won't take too long to make the space "mine". 


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