Oh. How Pinteresting.

This is my first time participating in the "OHP blog hop" ...not sure why I spend enough time on both Pinterest and blogging.... and it's not like the two haven't overlapped before. 

The Vintage Apple

ANY-WHO... since I'm new to the OHP I figured it was okay to go back a few weeks looking at pins and pick a few favorites. 

Like  this outfit. I mentioned to my mother last night I can't wait for sweater and scarf season. Now if only I could find a pair of boots that fit me.

Find here.

Although that means it'll start getting too cold for the coast (or at least the beach) and I want to find this Wizard Hat rock in Oregon so bad. 

Find here.
Here are two that were just so beautiful - both in their own way. 

Find here.
Find here.
And last a quote to live by.

Find here.

Don't forget to stop over at The Vintage Apple and check out the OHP Blog Hop.


  1. Love the super cute outfit you found on Pinterest. So I've recently become addicted (obsessed?) with Pinterest and Polyvore.com for outfit inspiration in my travels. I'm headed to Europe for 5 weeks so of course need to look fabulous while there...even if I do have 2 little ones with me :-)


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