Stepping Up - Your Wardrobe

Recently I was promoted to Assistant Director in my office...being as there is no "Director" (a title I'm expecting to earn this time next year) this puts the spotlight on me in this position. It's a big step up and with this big step I've decided I need to "step up" my wardrobe some too.

Not that I'm saying I've been dressing down or worse dressing "Portland-like", but I certainly think I've been dressing according to my (soon to be over) position as the Events Coordinator. As of the 16th I'll be introducing myself as the "Assistant Director of Student Life and Inclusion" and I think I need to dress appropriately.

A few weeks ago I bought myself a pair of black pinstripe slacks, a new waist cinch belt and then last night Fashion Bug (a subset of Lane Bryant but without the muumuus) had a Free Shipping sale on their site. I could have bought hundreds of dollars worth of things but I limited myself to the following:

A blouse to replace the one I'm too attached to and it was only $20.

These grey capris, again, only $20

And since I'm a sucker for jewelry I had to get this for only $5!!!!

This weekend we're (my mother, older sister and possibly my aunt) are going to a thrift store in our area called Value Village. Now being a thrift store sometimes I find absolutely nothing but there are times when I just hit the jackpot!! And the thing I love about Value Village is not only are the clothes separated by size, but also colors and styles (long sleeve, short sleeve, long skirt, etc).

I'm hoping to find a few little jewels this weekend to add to my Assistant Director wardrobe! I'll make sure to share if I do.


  1. Pretty necklace, free delivery always makes me look :) Good luck at the thrift store.

  2. Great pieces! I really love that pendant.

  3. congrats for your promotion!
    i'm not a fashion-person. i wear jeans and t-shirt everyday. i'm so lucky that i don't have to dress up to work.

    following from the bloghop!


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