Stripes on Stripes

So the weather in Portland is a disgusting 90+ degrees. On days like this I want to lay around in my underwear directly in front of the AC and do nothing (except maybe watch NCIS). However, I don't have that luxury and had to go to work. 

The dilemma: what to wear so I didn't sweat buckets of grossness. 

This is what I ended up with. I feel a tad "pirate-ish" but what can I do? The only solid black pants I had were short cropped "gaucho" styled pants. All of my long (dark) pants are stripped!! 

Which leads me to the question...HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT STRIPES ON STRIPES?

Most of the time I feel like the outfit looks too busy. Too many stripes. Too many colors. Just too much. 

Beautiful women but I just can't get past the "Too much" feeling in these outfits. There are times (like these I found on Pinterst) that seem to really work (at least work for me).

Maybe it's the size differences in the stripes? Big/tiny?
Pinned here.

Maybe it's the reversed coloring? The muted color tones?
Pinned here.

How do you feel about stripes on stripes?


  1. Love stripes, I think different sizes may be the key :)
    Portland is tooooo hot today, we spent sometime at the fountain to cool off...


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