What's In Your Bag?

I just love this purse. I found it for $5 at a thrift/consignment store called Rerun here in Portland. It's an absolute Mary Poppins bag. I'm amazed how much I can put in this little sucker!! Such as:

1. My wallet ($8, Fuego) I just love the Mod designs
2. Headphones ($5, Walmart) I never spend much more than this on headphones
3. iTouch (Amazon) Even though I have an iPhone I haven't transferred music over so I still carry this
4. ID/Bus Pass. I use it so much to/from work that earlier last month I snapped it in 1/2 Gotta get a new one next month. 
5.  Palladio Rice Paper ($2, Nordstrom's Rack) It's oil-absorbing blotting tissues with powder for those gross days when I'm sweating.
6. Lipstick, Rosewine ($5, Revlon) A dark pinkish color. For the longest time I didn't wear lipstick. But I thought I'd give it a try again. 
7. Face powder ($6, Cover Girl) An essential
8. Work keys 11 of them...and I swear I only use two on a regular basis
9. House keys And I rarely use them but God help me the day(s) I forget them
10. Earrings ($6, Torrid) Swirls with rhinestones. Love them. 
11. Pen
12. Eye drops
13. iPhone charger
14. Mini medicine bag that holds:

What's in your bag?


  1. you just reminded me that i want to try those oil sheets! is it gross that i sometimes use the toilet seat covers in public restrooms? obviously un-used ones. they work though!


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