Girls Brunch (Pictures)

This last Saturday we had a Girls Brunch with the family. It was the first weekend, at least in a very long time, that my cousin got out of the house for a weekend of fun sans the 4-year old. So to make it a little something special I decided to break out my Great Grandmother's china and table cloth and host a Brunch that would make my Grandmother proud.

What brightens up a room more than a bouquet of flowers?

My Great Grandfather proposed to my Great Grandmother (over 80 years ago) with
this 12 person set of Hungarian China. It's been passed from oldest daughter to oldest daughter
and is only used for special occasions - like Thanksgiving, Christmas and this Girls Brunch.

We had Brunch be potluck. I made monkey bread (top center) and two kinds of muffin tin frittatas (top right).
My oldest sister brought fruit and my cousin made blueberry muffins (bottom right). Not seen is a champagne
black cherry and cranberry cocktail and toast. 

In the end we had a delicious and lovely brunch that would make my Grandmother
so happy - to see all her girls sitting around laughing and enjoying one another's company.


  1. i am sure my mom and nanny were with us an smiling.

  2. How marvelous! This looks like a very special occasion - and you made it that way! I am certain your Grandmother was both pleased and proud of the beautiful event you made of the Girls Brunch! :)
    I discovered you through the Blog Hop on I am so glad I did! :)

    1. Thanks Kat. :) Hope you can pop over to the Labor Day Giveaway I'm having.

  3. Wow, what a great proposal gift! No ring?

    1. You know. I really don't know the answer to this. The story always just talks about how she came into a set dining table...I'll have to find this out. :)

  4. Yumm. I want to be there. That food looks great!


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