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Since my work-life is so topsy-turvy right now with 100+ new students arriving and three days of hell fun-filled orientation lay ahead of me I figured this would be the best time to have a Guest Blogger!! Ech and I have been following one another's blogs for some time now and I couldn't think of a better person to highlight today than her.

1. Your name, name of blog and when you first started the blogging:
I'm Ech, I blog over at Ech & Will. I've always been a blogger, but for this blog's purpose I've been writing since September 2010. Why that date? It was a week before our wedding and a huge transition time for us. Up until then, we were in a long distance relationship and neither of us had ever lived with a significant other so it was a huge step up in the grown up world. 

2. How/why did you first start blogging? In high school I "blogged" on Xanga (aka answered those silly surveys and posted my favorite songs). In college I "blogged" on LiveJournal and Blogger (aka I mistyped my weekend adventures while still drunk and whined about boys). Now I blog as a way to update my friends and family about my married life with Will. Another reason I blog is to keep Will's family updated because he's terrible at keeping in touch with them so I try my best to post pictures of him and what he's up to. I also use my blog as a way to connect with other people since I'm now officially a housewife and need something to keep me sane while at home all day. Oh, I also blog because my degree in English with a concentration in writing and my senior capstone project was in creative nonfiction. I can't help but write. 

3. How would you describe your blog? My blog is a mishmash of adventures in the kitchen, dealing with being a military spouse, living abroad, travel, and my life in general. I'm sarcastic and silly which is sometimes hard to convey in blog writing, but I try.

Me and the Mister
4. What do you do when you're not blogging? Find things to do that's blog-worthy. No joke, I try to find things for us to do that will make my blog fun to read. I try to bake or cook something new to share or I try to find somewhere new to visit. I also occasionally do those boring household chores no one wants to hear about and that I absolutely hate doing. Laundry, dishes, sweeping, dusting, de-cluttering. I'm terrible at chores so please don't think my house is always company ready. It's embarrassing. You'd think that since I don't work, I'd be on top of that stuff. Sorry. Nope.

5. Describe your ideal (blog) reader. Real people. I don't want "fake" followers or readers. I want people to interact with and get to know. People like Morgan!

6. What are your favorite types of blogs to read? I love reading all different types of blogs. I especially have a soft spot for military, travel, and lifestyle blogs. As long as it's a blog of sustenance, not all advertising and contest fluff. I could care less if you're hosting a giveaway. Tell me about what you did today instead.

7. What is your favorite post (of your own)? Why? I like my travel posts the best. They're like my badges of pride because I've always wanted to travel the world and I never would have guessed I'd get the chance to do all the things I've done.

8. Have you ever thought about blogging about a different topic?  I tried writing a book blog, but it's hard because I go through spurts of reading binges. So during my off times, the blog goes by the wayside. I try to get guest bloggers to fill in the gaps, but it's hard to harass people into writing about reading.

9. Anything else you want to tell my readers, about yourself, your blog, or about the world? Ech & Will is in a transition phase, so I apologize for the stall in new posts. If you haven't followed along from the beginning, this is the perfect time to take a peak into our past. 

*               *               *

Thank you so much for making Ech feel welcome here at Ms. Morgan's Reality Check. I hope to be less busy and frazzled soon and promise-promise-promise pictures from NJ and NYC (my trip to visit Mr.NewJersey starts Friday!!)

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  1. Thank you so much for having me! Hope life calms down a bit for you so you can have some relaxation time. I can't wait to hear all about Mr NJ!


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