Halloween Tree

So excited that Halloween is only weeks away!! 

I'm also excited I don't have to spend it cooped up in a hotel at a conference like I originally thought. That's no way to celebrate the Sabbath in my opinion. 

Tradition in my family is we start decorating for Halloween around the first of October (my mother's birthday)...this year, truth be told, we started a little early. 

31 days is just not enough time to celebrate one the best holidays of the year!! 

Today was a huge success in the "holiday shopping" adventures. My mother was browsing through the Sunday newspaper and came to a Big Lots! ad (it's a large discount store for those that don't have them in your city) and they were advertising a FIVE FOOT LIGHT UP HALLOWEEN TREE!!! 

Now my mother has been wanting something exactly this for a while. Black branches to hang Halloween like decorations and "ornaments" from. So when she saw this, and with her birthday being tomorrow, we jumped in the car and I bought my mother her Halloween Tree. 

We put it on top of the ottoman and decorated it with black bats, witches boots, eye balls and spiderwebs. It looks SPOOKTACULAR!! (I've included pictures below). 

The witch is a painted walnut my mother has had for years.
Eyeballs and witch's boots
And a black crow for a tree topper!!

Happy October everyone!


  1. I never thought to make a Halloween tree. I need to see if I can find things to put one together.

  2. Love this! I am now following. ;0

  3. Love it! The tombstones on the bottom are the best! I've got a Halloween Tree coming up too :) I hope it's half as good as yours :)


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