Makeup Inspiration

Friday on Facebook Plus Size Pinups, Rockabilly and Vintage Gals had a beautiful picture of Lisa Marie Presley done up like Marilyn along with the following questions. I thought these would make a fun blog here we go

1. How would you describe your makeup style? Classic. Not modeled too heavily after one particular "style" or era but still classic and stylish.

2. Lipstick or lipgloss? Mascara or fake lashes?  Lipstick; but just recently. I used to be a Chapstick but have found a dark red I love so have started wearing it.  Mascara; I own fake lashes but can't get the gumption up to wear them.

3. What beauty product do you have way too many of? Eyeshadows. 

4. What is your biggest beauty challenge when doing your makeup? Finding a good eyeliner. I prefer liquid but the last few I've bought were either too sparkly, caused an allergic reaction, flaked after a few hours or not waterproof.... If anyone has suggestions let me know. 

5. What's your all time favorite product and why? Oh my... I don't know if I've come across a product I would call my "favorite" - nothing I've bought am I not willing to try something else. The closes is mascara products by Maybelline and facepowders by CoverGirl.

What are your answers to these questions?


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