My First Dansko Shoes

I'm posting this on the bus, on the way home from work, after a grueling six hour (day one) new student orientation at work.... work with me and through any typos. Haha

Dansko shoes are a highly (recommended and) supportive shoe. Many nurses, waitresses and other on-your-feet professionals wear them. My sister, aunt and mother have all recently purchased pairs and today my first pair arrived.

Where I leave for Jersey in a few days and will be walking around NYC for hours I wanted to make sure to have good shoes. So I sucked it up and forked over the money. Now to just break them in before Saturday.
They're here! They're here!
The toe buckle is even adjustable. Mega brownie points!
Aren't they cute??


  1. they look comfortable to wear too

  2. I have been seeing these everywhere- I am a particular fan of the red ones- super comfy and cute :)


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