Weekend Plans

I have four days (only two of those being work days) until a three day run of New Student Orientation - an event I plan, organize, execute and thusly die from stress and aneurisms. However, before I dive into the hellfire that is Orientation I get to spend this Saturday with my (soon-to-be) four year-old niece at the Oregon Zoo'

I haven't been in probably six-months to a year. And Fayth has never been (nor has her mum, dad, grandmas who are all coming with). They took her to the San Diego Zoo (my personal favorite) when she was about 18-months old; she doesn't remember it. This will be a memory making trip for her.

And I can't wait!!

My FAVORITE exhibit (whether at the Oregon Zoo or elsewhere) are the Great Apes. I can sit by their side for hours just watching their beautiful and majestic selves.

My second was the American Wolves. However the Oregon Zoo has sent theirs to a nature preserve (and no, that's not like Sparky going to live on a "farm") while the zoo expands and rearranges exhibits for the elephants and others. At least I have these gorgeous pictures to remember them by.


  1. I love the Oregon zoo! I need to take the mister there next time we're in town.

    1. Totally. I love how it's set in the forest hillside.

      Btw - got your email thanks. I'll have your post up Tues or Wed and will try to get you my answers soon. xx

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