Doing My Civil Duty

This last Tuesday I reported for a jury summons at the Federal District Court. 

Seems when I tell that to most people they curl their noses and say "I'm sorry". I can understand, I suppose. It can possibly disrupt your daily routine, delays projects at work, and (for those that don't get paid by their employers for participating) possible loss in wages.

For me though it was an interesting experience. I appreciate that we live in a country when the average Joe on the street is invited to be a part of our judicial system - and not because s/he is the defendant. It really is every American's Civil Duty, I believe, to be take part. 

Yes, it took all day long and in the end I wasn't selected (or even asked questions) but the case is (going to be) a big-news worthy federal civil case and I look forward to following it in the news. 

It was also nice to be able to get out of the office and spend the day downtown. I walked a few blocks and ate lunch outdoors:

Even when inside the building we had a beautiful view:

I would like to sit on a jury someday. 

Have you ever been on a jury? What did you think?


  1. I got selected for jury duty right after I turned 18. I remember it was a looong day. I was the last group to go in for selection. I wasn't trying to get thrown off, but they ended up not selecting me because I didn't agree with the way they were prosecuting a drunk driving charge. The judge even tried to order me to see it their way (be objective), but I don't understand how you can ask a juror not to think for themselves. It was a small time case so I never heard what happened with it. I hope the guy got off.


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